Data Recovery

  • Lost data through failed hard drives etc need not be a thing to fret about. The Key is to deal with the situation promptly. A machine be it a Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Mac etc which is performing slowly or intermittently showing errors and crashes could be a possible signal of Hard Drive failure anddata losss. Contact us to deal with the situation promptly before data loss fully occurs.

    Seaton Computers works in its own lab as well as in conjunction with some of the Major Data Recovery companies and provides the best service for our customers. We initially examine and assess the medi provided and if possible can provide a result within 12 hours. Costs vary from job to job and is dependant on what information and amount you need to recover.

    However we will always do our best and in 99.9% of cases always get satisfactory reults. Provided we are contacted before any other attempts have been made by our clients or friends in the know.